Party Tips

Some helpful tips for your party:

  • Please, please leave a place for the fire truck to park. We need about 3 car lengths for the fire truck to pull in, park & pull back out, preferably in front of the party. Nothing delays a party more than waiting to have cars moved.
  • Please put ballons on the mailbox or shrubs, so the driver can see the party from down the street.
  • If you are having the party in your back yard, please have everyone move out to the front while the fire truck is at your party.
  • If the party is at a park and away from where the fire truck will park, please try to have everyone move over next to the fire truck during the time the fire truck is at your party.
  • Please have the kids eat before or after the fire truck arrives.
  • Have the fire truck arrive at least 30 minutes after your party starts, this allows time for those who are running late to arrive.  This way no one will miss out on the fire truck!
  • Please have the balance of the payment ready before hand, it will just be one less thing to worry about on a busy day.