A small neighborhood 4th of July parade or large city Christmas parades, just imagine the fun you would have with your family and friends riding in a parade atop a fire truck! Most parades will allow you to hire Smokey’s fire truck and participate in their parade! Looking for a way to promote your own business or organization? What could be better than riding in a parade with your business or organizations’ banner displayed on the side of our fire truck! We have bench seats with seat belts in the hose bed, and can accommodate approximately 12-15 people!


Have a fire truck at your school fundraiser! Offer photo opportunities or sell tickets and offer rides!


Holiday Sales, Fire Sales, Car Sales, Grand Openings, Ground Breakings. You can have demonstrations, contests, drawings, rides, and giveaways of fire truck products, which range from very inexpensive items that can be distributed to all attendees, to high quality products for special attendees. We are also available for small single store promotions, as well as large shopping mall or department store events.


Lots of options abound for photo opportunities. From a parked fire engine in a shopping mall to car dealerships, fairs or parks or any other populated event where parents can take their own photos; or a professional photographer on location can take the photos and offer photo packages. This concept works for fairs, grand openings and any other event where you wish to attract people. You may even go so far as to have an Easter Bunny or Santa Claus available for holiday seasons. If you are having a big sale or promotion, just have Smokey’s fire truck there and let the public know that photos will be available. You may offer them free to the guest, subsidize the cost, or allow the guest to purchase their own. It will attract a crowd!!


Smokey’s fire truck may be used to draw attention to your event, as well as for several other promotions. One option would be to offer rides around the parking lot or event grounds. You can sell tickets for fire truck rides to help cover the cost, like any other ride at the fair, or offer rides for free. Another idea would be to use Smokey as a photo opportunity; rope off the area and allow the kids to climb on the truck; or make it a safety exhibit and give short, educational fire safety talks.


Want to draw attention to your booth or exhibit? Just parking Smokey’s fire truck in your exhibit space will insure that you will be the most visited and talked about exhibit at the Convention!